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Why Bryan Cranston is going to Join the Power Rangers Reboot?


Bryan Cranston revealed and said that the script, and its depiction of “real kids,” was what ultimately convinced him to join the upcoming Power Rangers reboot. Bryan will be playing Zordon, the Rangers’ mentor, after giving his voice to some of the original TV series’ monsters at the start of his career.

However, when he first heard of the Power Ranges Reboot project, he was skeptical. He said, “I thought, Power Rangers?…And I had a phone call with the director and he said, ‘Think of it this way that Batman came from TV and became a completely different animal in the movies, We’re going to take this and revamp it and it’s going to be grounded and real.’ And I said ‘Okay, I’m fine with that, let me read it.’”

After reading the script, Cranston was all set. “The kids sound like real kids,” he said, “and not everyone is this great athlete and everything is working out. I thought, ‘This might be an awesome bookend to what I was doing before,’ since I started out doing voices.”



Cranston described Zordon as a “frustrated mentor.” He said, “They’re not advancing as I’d hoped. Some of them are not taking it seriously, the responsibilities that have been placed upon them or they have been chosen for. And yet, you’re a mentor. It’s almost like being a coach. You want to break down the individuality of them so that they can grow as a team.”

Again Cranston and Haim Saban working together. As a young actor, Cranston worked for Saban Entertainment on a number of English dubbing and voiceover gigs, including his voice overs on Power Rangers. In fact, the original Blue Ranger was actually named Billy Cranston in honor of Bryan Cranston

Directed by Dean Israelite and also starring RJ Cyler, Elizabeth Banks, Bill Hader, Becky G, Ludi Lin, Dacre Montgomery, and Naomi Scott, Power Rangers lands in theaters on March 24, 2017.

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