Ludacris Releases Mobile Word Game Slang N’ Friendz With His Business Partner Edwin Benton



A well known Rapper and the Fast and Furious actor “Ludacris” Bridges, along with business partner Edwin Benton, on Thursday morning launched Slang N’ Friendz, a mobile app with the Inapp purchase features. It’s a A fun, hip, and educational word game where Ludacris awards you bonus points for playing slang words against the world!

A statement released by Edwin said idea and development was inspired by the pair’s frustration with the limitations of traditional word games, which often disqualify commonly used language. The game provides definitions of slang words and encourages users to suggest their own slang terminology. (The format and rules are similar to traditional multiplayer word games )

Users of Slang N’ Friendz can play against a Bot,friend or a random opponent (known as potentially future friendz).

“Our goal is to provide users with a fun, compelling and un-intimidating word game where they can be themselves, learn and represent the culture where they come from. Our motto is to connect people across the world and allow users to engage with someone they wouldn’t normally meet,” Edwin said in an article.

Watch the the App Trailer:

The Collins dictionary added 6,500 new words to its Official Scrabble Wordlist in May 2015, including “lolz” (13 points), “cakehole” (17 points) and “onesie” (6 points.) In 2016, “YOLO”,“cheeseball” and “yogalates” made it into the Oxford’s English Dictionary. Slang N’ Friendz allows users to update acceptable usage in real-time, and play words they’re already using in their daily life.

“In a time when so much of the world is divided, technology has the opportunity to bring us together. Slang N’ Friendz encourages users to connect, identify and be friendly with what they have in common through language,” said Bridges.

Just one question: if “oxyphenbutazone,” is theoretically the highest scoring word in Scrabble, how many points does Slang N’ Friendz award for “on fleek?”
Download app from here:


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