What You Search On Google Can Now Determine The Advertisement You’re Served On YouTube


Google searches, Google browsing and demographic information can be used to influence what and which type of advertisement are shown to people on YouTube, the video platform has announced.

For example, if you’re a company owner or a marketing head, you can reach potential customers that have been searching for winter clothes deals on Google and engage with them by your own brand campaign for winter clothes on YouTube at just the right time, YouTube’s director of product management Diya Jolly said in an online statement.

The statement added that if a user disable advertising for a particular brand when searching on Google, the same will apply on YouTube, so basically whatever Advertisement will muted by a user can affect in the YouTube, you are in a control that will be enabled “in the coming weeks.”

Google said they will also launch a cloud-based insights and measurement solution. “With this Latest solution, publishers and advertisers will have access to more detailed insights and information from their YouTube advertisement campaigns across devices, so they can better understand and analyze the impact of their campaigns on their highest-value customers,” Jolly said.

“For Example, A mobile manufacturer could get a rich understanding of how YouTube ads are performing across devices influenced a specific audience (like previous Phone buyers),” she added.

YouTube has Over 800 million unique users visit each month, Over 4 billion videos are viewed a day and more than half of views on the channel come from mobile devices.


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